Set up networked Xboxs - GMCS425
You have responsibilities for responsible use of our campus network. There are
"Campus - 6.1 User Responsibilities
A user is one who has authorized access to University computing resources. Everyone on or off-campus who accesses a University computing resource, through whatever authorized (or unauthorized) means, is considered a user and is bound by the user responsibilities stated in this policy.

  1. Users are ultimately responsible for the effect(s) of computing activity when using a computer.
  2. Accounts created for an individual are for the use of that individual only. Computer accounts, passwords, and other types of authorization are assigned to individual users and must not be shared with others. Users are responsible for any use of their account.
  3. Use only those computing resources for which authorization has been issued. Do not attempt to obtain system privileges to which authorization has not been granted or give unauthorized access to others.
  4. Do not violate the security policy on any computer or network facility, interfere with the authorized computer use of others, or interfere with the normal running of services on any computer system or network. This includes unauthorized modifications to software or hardware of any computer or network, propagating viruses, or excessive network traffic that interferes with the use of others.
  5. Users are responsible for the data and information that they are entrusted with and must not disclose confidential or sensitive information without authorization from the data owner. Confidential data transferred over networks should be encrypted to ensure security.
  6. Never attempt to intercept, capture, alter, or interfere in any way with the normal transmission data on any computer or network, without prior authorization from the person or persons responsible for that resource.
  7. Observe all applicable policies of external computers or networks when using such resources.
  8. Report unauthorized use of computing resources or observed gaps in system or network security to your project director, instructor, supervisor, system administrator, or other appropriate University authority immediately upon discovery. Provide system administrators with information about computing activities when a reasonable request is made.
  9. Protect their password so that others cannot gain access to their account. Guidelines for good passwords can be found in Appendix C."

I request that each student read and sign this Acceptable Use Policy today.

Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0 Unleashed [library pin needed]
Chapter 2 gives all the details for how to connect with the XBOX 360 on the network.

Help with the lab setup please

  1. Connect Cat5 cable from Xbox360
  2. Obtain Xbox 360 Controller (from lab monitor)
  3. Power on Xbox 360 Console (big button on front)
  4. Sync the Controller
    1. small button on console (>>>) - should start blinking
    2. small button on top edge of controller - should also start blinking
    3. blinking stops when sync occurs
  5. Use controller to access Dashboard (controller's big lit button in center)
  6. Toggle threw to System - try to link to Xbox Live
  7. Accept the console update

  8. Find how to set Xbox Console to send sound to Headset - Help please

  9. Find the IP address of the Xbox and write on postem note on monitor.
  10. Please help securing the cables under the tables. There a ties and hook-like pad (with glue on back) to use. Stewart with demo.
  11. Turn Off Console
    1. Dashboard (lit key in center)
    2. Scroll to Settings/Turn Off Console - select it

Now you can download XBOX 360 games from XNA Creators Club (or our publisher) and deploy on the Xbox 360 console.