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Certificate in Translation & Interpretation

In an age of globalization, translation and interpretation studies represents an exciting new educational epistemology uniquely attuned to the times. In addressing the necessity and possibilities of cross-linguistic, cross-cultural communication, translation and interpretation studies acknowledges the rich mosaic of diversity and plurality existing within an interdependent global community. In short, translation and interpretation studies responds to the notion that communication between peoples of different tongues is and always has been one of the great motors of history and human development.

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures offers a Certificate in Translation Studies with two concentrations: translation and interpreting. The certificate requires 15 units in Spanish dealing with translation theory, nonliterary translation and interpreting, from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish.

The Program

A prospective candidate for the certificate should possess a bilingual facility in Spanish and English. The student must demonstrate writing proficiency in both Spanish and English either by completing with a grade of B or better Rhetoric and Writing Studies 305W (or pass the Writing Proficiency Assessment with a score of 10 or above), and Spanish 301, 302, and 350, or by demonstrating similar written language proficiency prior to starting work on the certificate. The student must complete an interpreting skills admission test with a grade of B or better (contact Program Director).

Courses: These are the requirements beginning with the Fall 2007 semester.

  • RWS 305W Academic Writing (3 units)
  • Spanish 350 Advanced Grammar (3 units)
  • Spanish 391 Spanish Enhancement for Translation & Interpretation (3 units).

Required Classes:
The student must complete with a GPA of 3.0 or better 15 units.
  • SPAN 491 Introduction to Translation Studies (3 units)
  • SPAN 492 Translation Theory (3 units)
  • SPAN 493 Advanced English-Spanish/Spanish-English Translation (3 units)
  • SPAN 594A Consecutive English-Spanish Interpretation (3 units)
  • SPAN 594B Simultaneous English-Spanish Interpretation (3 units).

Upon completing the 15 units of coursework, the student must take a departmental examination for the certificate. Upon successful completion of the examination, the student will be awarded the certificate. Up to nine units in the certificate program may be counted toward the major in Spanish and six units may be counted toward the minor in Spanish.


Christian Degueldre, Program Director

Who May Enroll

A special feature of the certificate program is that it is available to regularly matriculated students and to Open University students from the community at large.

Regularly matriculated students register for the courses through the usual channels. Persons from the community at large may do so by obtaining a Concurrent Enrollment Form at the College of Extended Studies, taking it to the class for the professor to sign, returning it to Extended Studies, and paying the fees there.

Exit Examination

Upon successful completion of all translation studies course work with an average of "B" or better, the student must pass a comprehensive exit examination administered and evaluated by the program faculty. The exit examination is graded pass/fail.


Open University students pay fees per credit hour (For current rate, please contact College of Extended Studies at 594-5152)

Meet with the Program Director

Certificate candidates should arrange to meet with the Program Director, Christian Degueldre:

Certificate in Spanish/English Translation Studies
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
San Diego State University San Diego, CA 92182-7003
Phone: (619) 594-1245
Fax: (619) 594-5293