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  • Major in Spanish

    Spanish is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world and the second most frequently used language in the Southwest. A major in Spanish has practical application in jobs, travel, reading or recreation. Students will explore the culture or literature of Spanish-speaking countries. Our program offers a wide range of courses and programs designed to satisfy the varied needs of students who enter the Spanish major.

  • Minor in Spanish

    A minor in Spanish will increase your competitiveness in the current job market by allowing you to engage professionally and communicate meaningfully with local, national and international communities. It is a nice complement to any major. The minor consists of a minimum of 18-19 units taught in Spanish, at least 12 of which must be in upper division Spanish courses.

  • Minor in Portuguese

    The minor in Portuguese is designed to offer both linguistic and cultural knowledge through comparative analysis of the cultures and literatures of Portuguese – speaking regions The minor in Portuguese consists of a minimum of 15 units, nine of which must be approved upper division courses, to include at least six units of upper division courses taught in Portuguese.

  • Graduate Program in Spanish

    The Master’s Program is designed to prepare students for a career in teaching, and to further the professional development of those working in the field of second language acquisition, heritage, and foreign language education. It is also intended for those students who wish to pursue doctoral studies in Latin American and/or Spanish literary and cultural studies and Spanish linguistics.

Certificate in Translation and Interpretation

In an age of globalization, translation and interpretation studies represents an exciting new educational epistemology uniquely attuned to the times. In addressing the necessity and possibilities of cross-linguistic, cross-cultural communication, translation and interpretation studies acknowledges the rich mosaic of diversity and plurality existing within an interdependent global community. In short, translation and interpretation studies responds to the notion that communication between peoples of different tongues is and always has been one of the great motors of history and human development.

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  • Upcoming Event

    We are proud to announce the Ibero-American Identities: Iberian and Latin American Film Festival. The festival is hosted by SELACH (Sociedad estudiantil de lenguas, artes y culturas hispánicas) and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. It will run November 4-13, 2014 in the Aztec Student Union Theater.
  • Bulletin of the Comediantes

    Founded in 1948, Bulletin of the Comediantes is the premier journal in the field of early modern Hispanic theater (sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Spain and Latin America). The journal is published by our department, and Dr. Vincent Martin currently serves as Managing Editor.

    SELACH (Sociedad estudiantil de lengua, arte y cultura hispánica) is the student organization that is dedicated to the advancement of the academic and cultural life of undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of Hispanic linguistics and Iberian and Latin American literature and culture studies.
  • Give to Spanish and Portuguese

    Gifts from alumni, parents, students, and other friends help the department make a lasting impact on our world. Every gift makes a difference. All donations are tax-deductible, private and secure.