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Russian Studies


Russian Major

With the B.A Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences
To earn a BA in Russian you will have to take Russian 100A, 100B, 200A, 200B, 110, and a minimum of 30 upper division units in Russian to include 301, 303, 305A-305B, 430, 441, 501, and six units in 400- or 500- level courses in Russian.
A minor in another field approved by the departmental adviser in Russian is required for the degree. Each student program is planned individually with the program director. As soon as you decide to declare your Russian major, contact the program director Dr. Veronica Shapovalov

Russian Minor

The minor in Russian consists of 17 units in Russian to include Russian 110, Russian 200B, Russian 301 or 311 and six units of upper division courses in Russian.

Foreign Language Requirement for the B.A. Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences.
Students electing to study Russian to fulfill the foreign language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal arts and sciences must successfully complete Russian 200A or the equivalent level of achievement. The usual sequence of coursework is Russian 100A, 100B, and 200A.

Russian majors are encouraged to study abroad in Russia. Students can study one semester or a full year at Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University or any other study abroad program offered by American Councils’ Study Abroad Programs.

Students who speak Russian at home but cannot read or write in Russian can take Russian heritage speakers track. Russian program offers individualized Russian language program for heritage speakers. This program addresses the specific needs of students who speak Russian at home and who did not receive a native Russian’s full educational and cultural background. We are committed to working with students of all levels of Russian. For more information contact Russian program director Dr. Veronica Shapovalov

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