Our program offers a variety of courses in Russian language, literature, and culture. Students can pursue a major or minor in Russian. A major or minor in Russian is an excellent preparation for careers in law, government, international relations, business, education, and medicine. National research has shown that students who study Russian have a much higher acceptance rate into graduate and professional programs of study. For careers in international business, students may choose the International Business Major with emphasis on Russian. Students may select a double major from many other subjects such as political science, international security and conflict resolution, history, geography, etc.

We are committed to working with all students who want to learn Russian. Please feel free to email us, give us a call or visit us at our office!

  • Why Study Russian?

    Russian is the fifth most spoken language on the planet, boasting 277 million speakers worldwide. Knowledge of Russian will provide students with a better understanding of one of the world’s important and influential countries. By learning to write and express yourself well in another language, you gain a broader perspective on American culture as well as specialized knowledge of another culture, which is of enormous value in the current global economy.

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  • Summer Russian Intensive Immersion Program

    Since 2008, SDSU Russian Program has collaborated with Language Acquisition Resource Center to host Summer Intensive Immersion Language Training in three critical languages: Arabic, Persian (Farsi), and Russian. The program covers a full year (two semesters, 10 units) of Beginning Russian in 6 weeks, and two years (four semesters, 20 units) of Beginning and Intermediate Russian in 11 weeks.

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