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The Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate


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Dana Kuhn

Dana Kuhn teaches Real Estate Development at San Diego State. In his day job, he analyzes potential acquisitions for Sunwood Ventures. He examines commercial and large-residential projects and forecasts their revenues and expenses. That means spending a lot of time in Argus and Excel, but also getting out and seeing real estate in its native environment.

Prior to joining Sunwood, Mr. Kuhn managed the Real Estate Valuation Department at The Corky McMillin Companies. He monitored real estate markets from San Diego to Fresno, as well as San Antonio, Texas. He also coordinated appraisals commissioned by lenders and valued properties for internal decision-making and property-tax purposes.

In past careers, Mr. Kuhn has been a construction manager, a property manager, a commercial real estate appraiser, and a high-school teacher! Mr. Kuhn has a B.A. in journalism from U.C. Berkeley and a master’s degree in education from San Diego State.

He greatly enjoys teaching and loves the fact that students at SDSU have a lively spirit of inquiry. Mr. Kuhn is especially interested in furthering students’ grasp of practical skills in real estate. To the end, he helped create the Day 1 program. He encourages you to visit the Day 1 program web page.