Second North American Conference of New Reseachers

Senior Speakers

Jerry Lawless, University of Waterloo:

David Pollard, Yale University:

Conference Participants: New Researchers

(in alphabetical order)
  • Ed Chow, Chair New Researcher's Committee, Queens University.
  • Anderson, Christine, University of Western Ontario, "Location and dispersion analysis methods for directional data from a factorial experiment".
  • Arani, Ramin B., National Center for Toxicological Research, "On the existence of an unique estimator under proportional hazards in a 2 x 2 classification".
  • Coakley, Clint W., Virginia Tech, "Robust regression by design".
  • Cook, Richard, University of Waterloo, "Robust methods for the analysis of recurrent events in randomized trials".
  • Corcoran, Stephen A., Oxford University, "Empirical likelihood in dependent data settings". We note, with sadness, that our fellow new researcher and friend , Stephen Corcoran , passed away on March 8, 1996.
  • Datta, Susmita, University of Georgia at Athens, "Dynamics of cytonuclier disequilibria and a statistical test for the neutrality hypothesis".
  • Gonzalez-Barrios, Jose M., CIMAT, "Detection of clusters by using the minimal spanning tree and the k-nearest neighbors graph".
  • Guo, Ingrid, Baylor College of Dentistry, "Statistical evaluation of inter- and intra-observer agreement".
  • Heo, Giseon, University of Alberta, "Robust designs for linear regression".
  • Hu, Feifang, National University of Singapore, "Relevance-weighted estimating functions".
  • Huzurbazar, Aparna V., University of New Mexico, "Stochastic network models for survival analysis".
  • Irwin, Mark E., Ohio State University, "Increasing the efficiency of Monte Carlo EM algorithms".
  • Kouritzin, Michael A., Carleton University, "Weak invariance principles for parabolic equations with random coefficients".
  • Li, Xiaochun, University of British Columbia, "Prediction using a local linear regression estimator".
  • Li, Zhaohai, Washington University School of Medicine, "A random effects model for analysis of correlated binary data".
  • Lin, Yachen, Syracuse University, "Estimation of parameters from nonlinear regressions to neural networks".
  • McPeek, Mary Sara, University of Chicago, "Ordering chromosome markers by genetic linkage analysis".
  • Meng, Xiao-Li, University of Chicago, "Sometimes there is a free (and delicious) lunch ...".
  • Miao, Weiwen, Tufts University, "Maximum likelihood estimation in exponential families".
  • Nobel, Andrew B., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, "Histogram regression using data-dependent partitions".
  • Pal, Nabendu, University of Southwestern Louisiana, "Estimation of a normal variance: A critical review".
  • Raghavan, Nandini, The Ohio State University, "An assessment of Bayesian credibility sets in nonparametric logistic regression".
  • Rao, J. Sunil, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, "The weighted-jacknife-after-bootstrap".
  • Rein, Steven R., Virginia Commonwealth University, "Estimation of age dependence in the seasonal depth distribution of mussels".
  • Ren, Jian-Jian, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, "Self-consistent estimators, bootstrap and censored data".
  • Rosenberger, William, University of Maryland, "New designs for quantile estimation".
  • Ryan, Daniel A. J., Acadia University, "Practical consequences of misspecifying a linear model in the presence of an autoregressive error structure".
  • Sarkar, Jyotirmoy, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, "Estimating the mean of an exponential family having power variance".
  • Shen, Xiaotong, Ohio State University, "Universal sieves and spline adaptation".
  • Sherman, Mike, Texas A\&M University, "Subseries methods for dependent data".
  • Sun, Fengzhu, University of Southern California, "The polymerase chain reaction and branching processes".
  • Sun, Weimin, Statistics Canada, "A Bayesian multivariate interpolator with its empirical assessments".
  • Vidakovic, Brani. Duke University, "Discrete wavelet transformations: statistical applications.
  • Walther, Guenther, Stanford University, "A fast approximation procedure for the empiraca halfspcase".
  • Wolfson, Lara, Carnegie Mellon University, "Bayesian demography: projecting the Iraqi Kurdish population, 1977--1990".
  • Wong, Augustine, York University, "Simple third-order approximations".
  • Zhang, Biao, University of Toledo, "Estimating a distribution function with auxiliary information".
  • Zhang, Heping, Yale University School of Medicine, "Multivariate adaptive splines for analysis of longitudinal data".
  • Zhang, Ping, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, "APE and the comparison of models for categorical panel data".
  • Zhao, Hongyu, UCLA, "Stochastic modeling of chromatid interference".
  • Zhou, Bin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Estimating the variance parameter from noisy high frequency financial data".
  • Zhou, Julie, University of Alberta, "Robust experimental design".