First North American Conference of New Reseachers

Senior Speakers

Iain Johnstone, Stanford University:

Terry Speed, University of California at Berkeley:

Conference Participants: New Researchers

(in alphabetical order)
  • Belkacem Abdous, Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres "A link between quantiles, expectiles and weighted symmetry"
  • Subhash C. Bagui, The University of West Florida "Classification based on k-rank nearest neighbor rule"
  • Sudip Bose, The George Washington University "Bayesian robustness"
  • Ming-Hui Chen, Purdue University "Monte Carlo Markov chain sampling for evaluating multidimensional integrals with application to Bayesian computation"
  • Ed Chow, Queens University "Stochastic procedures, the bootstrap, and nonparametric estimation"
  • Somnath Datta, University of Georgia "Some recent results of bootstrap"
  • Robert Dobrow, The Johns Hopkins University "Generalizations and extensions of self-organizing Markov chain models"
  • Dimitrios Gatzouras, Yale University "Dimensions of self-affine sets"
  • Andrew Gelman (joint with Xio-Li Meng), University of California at Berkeley "Computing Normalizing Constants Using Path Sampling"
  • Ken Gerow, University of Wyoming "Model-unbiased, unbiased-in-general estimation of the average of a regression function"
  • Irene Gijbels, Universite Catholique de Louvain "Nonparametric function estimation via local polynomial approximation"
  • Jose M. Gonzalez-Barrios, CIMAT, A.C. "Cadlag and regulated functions on the unit interval"
  • Chong Gu, Purdue University "Penalized likelihood estimation"
  • Silvia Heubach, Colorado College "A stochastic model for the movement of white blood cells"
  • Snehalata Huzurbazar, University of Georgia "Approximations for p-values in MANOVA"
  • Xin Jia, University of North Dakota "Statistical models for response to a mixture of drugs"
  • Colleen Kelly, University of Rhode Island "A test of the Markovian model of DNA evolution"
  • Charles Kooperberg, University of Washington "Curve estimation using B-splines"
  • Thomas J. Kozubowski, University of Tennessee "The estimation of the parameters of the geometric stable laws"
  • Gang Li (joint work with Hani Doss), Purdue University "An approach to nonparametric regression for life history data using local linear fitting"
  • Zhaohai Li, Washington School of Medecine "An empirical Bayes model and EM algorithm for meta-analysis"
  • Dennis K.J. Lin, University of Tennessee "Systematic supersaturated design"
  • Jun S. Liu, Harvard University "Conditional independence for bivariate exchangeable random variables"
  • Mark Low, University of Pennsylvania "Superefficiency and adaptability in functional estimation"
  • Mark Matthews, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Title to be announced
  • Xiao-Li Meng (Joint with Steven Pedlow), University of Chicago "Jaccard's measure with incomplete observations"
  • Per A. Mykland, University of Chicago "Martingales and likelihood"
  • Nabendu Pal, University of Southwestern Louisiana "Improvements over the James Stein estimator: some latest results"
  • Victor de la Pena, Columbia University "Decoupling inequalities: theory and applications"
  • Dimitris Politis (joint work with Joe Romano), Purdue University "Bias-corrected moving blocks bootstrap and jackknife"
  • Chunfu Qiu, Purdue University "Bayes models for maximum penalized likelihood estimation"
  • Dan Rabinowitz, Harvard School of Public Health "Estimating Durbin's approximation"
  • Bonnie K. Ray, New Jersey Institute of Technology "Current research in long term memory processes"
  • Jian-Jian Ren, University of Nebraska "Regression analysis with doubly censored data"
  • Kai-Sheng Song (joint work with Hans-Georg M^Áller), University of California at Davis "Cube splitting in multi-dimensional edge estimation"
  • Jiayang Sun, The University of Michigan "Some topics in random fields, projection pursuit and bump hunting problems"
  • Dongchu Sun, University of Missouri-Columbia "Integrable expansions for posterior distributions for a two parameter exponential family"
  • Nizam Uddin, University of Southern Maine "Some contributions to the optimality and construction of design of experiments"
  • Brani Vidakovic, Duke University "Being reasonably conservative: T-minimax at work"
  • Yazhen Wang, University of Missouri-Columbia "Curve estimation subject to shape restrictions - Empirical process approaches"
  • Mei Wang, Illinois Institute of Technology "Some asymptotic results"
  • Daming Xu, University of Oregon "Hypergroup deformations, ensemble deformations, and Markov chains"
  • Bin Yu, University of California at Berkeley "Some results on dependence in statistical inference and information theory, and on statistical problems in physical mapping"
  • Tim Zajic (joint work with Amir Dembo), Stanford University "Large deviations for sample path of partial sums"
  • Heping Zhang, Yale University School of Medecine "Maximal correlation and adaptive spline"