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C. Richard  Hofstetter

Professor Hofstetter is Professor of Political Science and Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Public Health at San Diego State University. He received an AA from Central Oregon Community College (1962), a BA from the University of Oregon (1964), an MA (1966) and PhD (1967) from Indiana University, and is Cho Dan (black belt) with the International Tang Soo Do Federation and currently works out in the Kuk Sul Won discipline. He has been a professor at Ohio State University, the University of Houston (where he was chair), and San Diego State University, and has founded and/or directed several interdisciplinary social science laboratories.

Professor Hofstetter has published over 160 refereed articles and several books in the social sciences, communications, public health, and medicine. His substantive interests in political and social science include political psychology, communication, behavioral modification, research methods, statistics, and computer applications. Substantive research has been conducted primarily in multiethnic, interdisciplinary settings concerning less advantaged youth and adults in American society.

He has conducted large-scale surveys, natural experiments, and experimental studies, and has lectured on these topics in Europe and Asia. Some of his current work has analyzed the impact of political talk radio among various publics, the role of mass media in tobacco initiation and cessation, and ideational dimensions of feminism. Working with students, he designed and implemented 12 major population based surveys concerning public policy issues among the public in San Diego. Under a grant from the National Institute of Health (Cancer), he is currently directing a major study of tobacco and other health behaviors among people of Korean descent in California and in Seoul.

San Diego State University