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Welcome to the Marine Plant Ecology Lab at San Diego State University. We are part of the Department of Biology's  Ecology Program Area.  Our goals are to study the physiology, population biology, ecology and biogeography of seaweeds, with an emphasis on eastern Pacific kelp forests. Our research integrates organismal biology, population and community ecology, and a strong emphasis on quantitative and experimental techniques to assess spatial and temporal patterns in coastal marine communities. Members of our group do field research in California, Washington, Alaska, Mexico, Chile and Peru on topics ranging from dispersal and dormancy in marine seaweeds to the effects of global warming and El Niņo-Southern Oscillations on their latitudinal range limits.  



Dr. Matthew Edwards (click here to access Dr. Edwards's department web page)
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Graduate Students & Collaborators
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Laura Carney Paul Matson Dr. Kwang Young Kim
Guillermo Torres Dr. Andrew Swanson
Damien Cie Dr. Gustavo Hernandez-Carmona
Stacie Fejtek Dr. Brenda Konar
Rochelle Mothokakobo
Christina Dodge

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