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A little about Dr. Anderson ...

After receiving my Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Barbara, I accepted a position as a Friday Harbor Laboratories Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Washington. During this time I examined the relative importance of current flow and habitat structure on recruitment success of the copper rockfish, Sebastes caurinus, in the San Juan Islands. In 1997, I moved to Oregon State University to work with  Mark Hixon (and Mark Carr, University of California, Santa Cruz) on research concerning the population ecology of coral-reef fishes in the central Bahamas. In 1999, I accepted a position at San Diego State University and currently am a Professor in the Department of Biology.

My interests continue to focus on the population ecology and assemblage structure of coastal fishes, particularly reef fishes. The majority of my field work employs diving-related research using experimental approaches to ask questions of general ecological interest. Currently, my research interests include interactions between demographic processes and habitat in recruitment success of reef fishes and the role of individual condition and performance in patterns of predator-induced mortality.

In the little free time I have available, I enjoy brewing all-grain beers and exploring San Diego and southern California.

Contact Information:

Telephone:  (619) 594-0995


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