Jianwei Chen, PhD

Associate Professor


Contact Information:                                                 

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182

Office: GMCS-573

Phone: (619) 594-2059

Email: jchen@mail.sdsu.edu








  • STAT551B Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Spring 2014
  • STAT550, Applied Probability, Spring 2014
  • STAT720, Statistical Seminar, Spring 2013
  • STAT551A,  Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Fall 2013
  • STAT350B, Statistical Methods, Spring 2012
  • STAT551B,  Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Spring 2012
  • STAT350A, Statistical Methods, Fall 2011
  • STAT700, Data Analysis Methods, Fall 2009
  • STAT720, Statistical Seminar, Fall 2009
  • STAT696,  Longitudinal Data, Fall 2008



Research Interests:


·         Statistical inferences for nonlinear dynamic models with applications to HIV/AIDS infections and epidemiological studies

·         Nonparametric and semi-parametric regression

·         Measurement error and missing data problems

·         Mixed effects models in longitudinal data and functional data analysis

·         Bayesian methods, MCMC, and computational statistics

·         Operations research


Research Funding:


·         Principal Investigator of National Security Agency (NSA) grant “Statistical Inverse Problems for Nonlinear ODS Dynamic Models”, 2014-2015

·         Principal Investigator of SDSU university grant program (UGP) ” Mixed effect Modeling HIV Dynamic Models for Longitudinal Data with Applications to AIDS Study”, 01/15/2012—06/30/2013

·         Principal Investigator of National Science Foundation (NSF) grant “Statistical Inferences for Deterministic Dynamic Models”, 2009-2013

·         Consultant of National Institute Health (NIH) grant “Measuring and predicting visual field progression with longitudinal-survival CART,” (PI: Levine, R. Co-PI: Fan J.) 2009-1011   

·         San Diego State University start-up fund, 2007-2010



Scholarly Awards


·         2013 Outstanding Faculty Award, San Diego State University

·         Most Influential Faculty in Mathematic and Statistics, 2013   

·         Outstanding Faculty Award, College of Sciences, San Diego State University, 2011


Selected Publications:


·    Chen, J. Wang, X. and Dai. Z. (2012). “Nonparametetric modeling auxiliary covariates in random coefficient models.” Communication in Statistics-Simulation and Computation. 47, 1271-1290.

·    Chen, J., Fan, J. and Huang, L. (2012). “Comparing optimal sampling acceptance plans for mixed, Type I and Type II censoring.” International Journal of Applied Mathematics & Statistics. In press

·     Chen, J. and Dai, Y. (2011). “Auxiliary covariates for mixed effects models with applications.” Biomedical Engineering, ISBN 979-953-307-029-1.

·     Chen, J. (2010). “Modeling long-term HIV dynamic models with application to AIDS clinical study.” Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, C (Applied Statistics) 59, 805-820.

·         Chen, J. Li, K. H and Lam, Y. (2010). “Bayesian computation for a geometric process in maintenance problems.” Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 81, 771-781.

·         Chen, J. and Lin, D.C. (2010). “Modeling continuous auxiliary covariate data in the generalized linear mixed models using the kernel smoother.” Biometrical Journal, 52, 362–376.

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