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Imre Tuba
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
San Diego State University, Imperial Valley
720 Heber Ave
Calexico, CA 92231
E-mail: ituba (e-mail accounts at SDSU are at
Tel: (760) 768-5606
Office: East Faculty 101
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Here is degree information for math majors from the Mathematics Department in San Diego. See Dr. Verzi for advising if your major is mathematics in preparation for the Single Subject Teaching Credential or me if your major is mathematics.

Current classes: I am not currently teaching.

Here are my web pages for some of the classes I taught in the past:


My original research interests are in algebra, in particular braid groups and tensor categories. I wrote my Ph.D. thesis under the guidance of Hans Wenzl on low-dimensional simple and unitarizable representations of the braid group B3. I am also interested in bioinformatics, and as of lately, mathematics education.

Here is my mathematical genealogy graph generated by the Mathematics Genealogy Project and the Mathematics Genealogy Grapher. My Erdős number is 4.

I supervised an REU project in bioinformatics at SDSU summer 2009.

Papers, preprints and my CV

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