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Welcome from Joanne Ferraro, Chair

We are among the largest departments in the university, serving over 5500 SDSU students every semester, including 300 majors and pre-majors and 70 M.A. students. History faculty also provide instruction to future teachers in both the Liberal Studies and the Social Science Programs. It is the new home of the Journal of the History of Sexuality.

The history faculty is devoted to teaching excellence and encourages a "community of scholars" atmosphere that includes graduates and undergraduates. In our efforts to encourage a life-long love of learning, we have had the joy of seeing both our undergraduates and M..A. students go on to PhD programs at Yale, Northwestern, UCLA, William and Mary, and the Universities of Pennsylvania and Virginia, some with full scholarships.

Over the last five years the History Department has led the nation by introducing an innovative pedagogy that is interdisciplinary, cross cultural, and transnational. In addition to area studies, we offer a number of thematic fields of concentration, including social and cultural history, the history of the family and childhood, global history, urban history, memory in history, and sex, gender, and the body in historical perspective.

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Recent News

Congratulations to Dr. Joanne Ferraro for being selected to present the 25th Albert W. Johnson Research Lecture. The lecture series is sponsored by Graduate and Research Affairs and the University Research Council in recognition of SDSU faculty who make exceptional research and teaching contributions.

Dr. Ferraro will deliver her presentation entitled “The Historian as Detective: Sex Crimes in Early Modern Venice" on Friday, March 20 2015, from 3:00-5:00 PM in AL 201. 

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