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Intellectual Property Development and Support

SDSU fosters the development of ideas and the broad dissemination of these ideas for the purpose of serving the public interest, while, simultaneously, striving to protect the legitimate private interests of members of the University community. Responsibilities associated with the development of intellectual property (e.g. inventions, devices, textbooks, software) are described within the University Policy and associated guidance. In addition, faculty receive advice and assistance in the commercialization of their inventions, copyrights, and other scholarly work through the Technology Transfer Office Department.

The Division of Research Affairs (DRA) and the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) work together to serve SDSU for the management of new intellectual property developed by SDSU faculty and staff. Both play an active role in this management with several different responsibilities that work together to ensure compliance with all relevant laws as well to open doors for positively impacting the communities in which our researchers work.

DRA Responsibilities: The DRA manages the University Copyright and Patent Committee (UCPC) which is the Senate committee responsible for the first review of appropriateness of disclosure and assignment to the university. The UCPC members are appointed by the DRA for annual terms; members commit to meeting at least once per month on the regularly scheduled UCPC review date. Traditionally, this is the first Tuesday of every month at 12:45. The committee is charged with reviewing new disclosures and recommending to the Vice President of Research whether or not to accept such disclosures, to review and propose policies impacting intellectual property (IP) management at SDSU and to review and recommend resolutions for issues concerning IP, including issues concerning amount of institutional support and exceptional circumstances that impact royalty sharing for a specific disclosure.

TTO Responsibilities: During disclosure, the TTO assists the faculty in completing the disclosure paperwork. All disclosures are performed through an online system; contact the TTO for a username and password for filing a disclosure. If inventors need help with their disclosure, they are encouraged to contact the TTO for assistance. Additionally, the TTO researches the disclosure to provide a market assessment and provide guidance about the potential protection available to the disclosure (patent, copyright or trademark). After the UCPC and VP of Research accept a disclosure, the TTO is responsible for communicating with the inventors to ensure all paperwork is complete including defining royalty share percentages, patent prosecution assignment forms, and commercialization strategy of the disclosure.

download the MS word version of DRA and TTO responsibilities.

download the PDF version of DRA and TTO responsibilities.

Please contact the Technology Transfer office to begin the disclosure process.

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