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Research Integrity Policy and Ethics Training

Biosafety in Research and Teaching
Environment Health & Safety offers educational materials through the Blackboard system for those using biohazardous agents/materials or conducting experiments using recombinant DNA. Information on various other biosafety issues can be obtained through the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.

Human Subjects in Research
A web-based tutorial provides basic information for investigators who will involve human participants in research. Successful completion of the assessment is required to satisfy NIH requirements for key personnel involved in human subjects research and is also required for all investigators submitting a protocol for review by the SDSU IRB.

Project TRES
Training in Research Ethics and Standards that is culturally tailored, content-appropriate, Spanish-translated research ethics curriculum that targets Community Health Advisors/promotores (members of the research team and have direct involvement in research conducted within the Hispanic/Latino communities).

This curriculum emphasizes awareness of ethical, legal and social aspects of conducting research. The application of ethical practices associated with research is stressed (e.g. selection, recruitment, informed consent, privacy and confidentiality).

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training - NEW!
SDSU supports training to ensure the highest ethical and professional standards for conducting research. RCR training is intended to promote awareness of principles and practices that facilitate ethical and responsible research across all areas of research and scholarship.

Seminar in Research Ethics
This one-unit course is an introduction to eight core content areas that influence the responsible conduct of research. These include: research misconduct; data management; use of animal and human subjects; conflict of interest and commitment; authorship; publication and peer review; and collaboration and mentoring. The class is intended for graduate students across all disciplines who will be involved in research. The course engages students in reading about, considering, and discussing practices that promote responsible research as well as actions which compromise research integrity.

Training in Basic Research Concepts
A web-based tutorial focusing on Basic Research Concepts is now available. The tutorial provides basic information about research and how research is conducted. With this framework, those new to research (staff, students) may be better able to understand research and carry out their duties/responsibilities in a manner that preserves the integrity of the research design. This project was funded by the Office of Research Integrity.

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