Dr. Huma Ahmed-Ghosh is Professor in the Department of Women's Studies at San Diego State University. She is also on the Advisory Board of the Center for Islamic and Arabic Studies and the Center for Asia-Pacific Studies. Her research focuses on women in Afghanistan, Muslim immigrant women to the USA, and Islam and feminism.

Ahmed-Ghosh has published extensively on her research on Muslim women's issues in India, the USA and on women in Afghanistan. Ahmed-Ghosh has also published articles on gendered ageing in India, widowhood and domestic violence in India.

Ahmed-Ghosh recently published two edited books titled, Contesting Feminisms: Gender and Islam in Asia, and Asian Muslim Women: Globalization and Local Realities published by SUNY Press, New York (2015). She is currently working on a book titled, Women Transforming Communities: Confronting Conflict and Building Peace about gendered violence and conflict.

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