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Last Update: 9/17/13


Students will take courses that focus on contemporary European culture. They also take courses in modern European history and in various disciplines. Extensive course work in requires in one of the following modern languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish. All majors are required to complete a minimum of 6 units in an approved study abroad program in a European country.

European Studies Major
With the B.A. Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences
To earn the B.A in European Studies students will have to take:

Preparation to the Major

European Studies (9 units) European Studies 101 and six units selected from History 105,106, German 150, Russian 110.
Foreign Language and Culture (Select 1: 10-23 units)
French 100A, 100B, 201, 210 220, 221 (22 units)
German 100A, 100B, 202, 205A, 205B (21 unit)
Italian 100A, 100B, 201, 210 (16 units)
Portuguese 101, 201 (10 units)
Russian 100A, 100B, 110, 200A, 200B (23 units)
Spanish 101, 102, 201, 202, 211, 212, (22 units)

Major (36 units)

European Studies (12 units) European Studies 301, 501 and six units selected from any 400- or 500- level European Studies courses.
National Language and Culture Emphasis (12 units)
French 302, 421, 422 and one additional three unit course
German 301, 400, 430 and one additional three unit course
Italian 301,422,424 and one additional three unit course
Portuguese 301, 401, 534 and one additional three unit course
Russian 301, 311, 430 and one additional three unit course
Spanish 301,340, 405B. and Spanish 302 or 381

European Studies Electives (6 units) Select six units from the following:
European Studies 501, 527; Art558-559; Comparative Literature 514, Geography 336, History 408, 440512A, 512B, Humanities 404; Music 408A, Philosophy 506, 508; Political Science 302, 356; Russian 310, 435; Women’s Studies 340.

National Culture Electives (6 units) Courses must be selected from an area other than courses selected for National Language and Culture and Culture Emphasis. Select 6 units from the following:
English 544; French 424, German 320; History 418, 518; Humanities 310, 320, 330; Italian 422; Political Science 357; Russian 305A, 305B.

European Studies Minor

For a minor in European Studies students have to take a minimum of 15 units to include European Studies 101 and 301 and nine additional upper division units for European Studies courses or humanities 404. Students must also establish a proficiency level in a European language other than English by completing one of the courses that satisfies the graduation language requirement or demonstrate equivalent proficiency.

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