Program Information

Through the study of literature, film, history and politics, students will develop an in-depth, interdisciplinary knowledge of contemporary European culture. In addition to cultural studies courses, students are required to complete several in one of the following modern languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish. All majors are required to complete a minimum of 6 units in an approved study abroad program in a European country.

European Studies Major

To earn the B.A with a major in European Studies students will have to take:

Major (36 units)

European Studies (12 units) European Studies 301, 501 and six units selected from any 400- or 500- level European Studies courses.

National Language and Culture Emphasis (12 units)

European Studies Electives (6 units) Select six units from the following:

European Studies 501; Art 558-559; Comparative Literature 514, Dance 382; Geography 336, History 408, 440, 512A, 512B, Humanities 408; Philosophy 506, 508; Political Science 302, 356; Russian 310, 435; Theater 460A or 460B; Women’s Studies 340.

National Culture Electives (6 units) Courses must be selected from an area other than courses selected for National Language and Culture and Culture Emphasis. Select 6 units from the following:

English 544; French 424, German 320; History 418, 527; Humanities 310, 320, 330; Italian 422; Political Science 359; Russian 305A, 305B.

European Studies Minor

For a minor in European Studies students must complete a minimum of 15 units to include European Studies 101 and 301 and nine additional upper division units in European Studies courses or Humanities 408. Students must also establish a proficiency level in a European language other than English by completing one of the courses that satisfies the graduation language requirement or demonstrate equivalent proficiency.