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San Diego State University
Department of English and Comparative Literature

Why Major in English?

Being an English major teaches you to think critically, to read analytically, and to express yourself persuasively in writing and speech—skills essential to a number of careers. All employers look for the ability to think critically and communicate effectively.

English majors go on to work in law, publishing, digital technologies and commerce, screenwriting, business, education, politics, arts, and medicine.  

87% of SDSU English majors say that they have learned to read more perceptively and think more sharply, skills that apply to decision making and problem solving in the real world.

Read more about why you should major in English here:

CNN says English prepares you for a business career better than a business degree.

Business Insider presents “16 Wildly Successful People” with English degrees, from Steven Spielberg to Mitt Romney.

35 careers your English major prepares you to pursue—including jobs in digital content development and commerce.

Need more career ideas?  Check out 10 careers English majors can take on after graduation and 16 more ideas for English major career paths.

Fame! Fortune! Meet English majors who have gone on to big things, read 5 Surprising Celebrities with English Degrees and Famous English Majors.

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News and Success

  • Calling all MA students--we need your help! We have been awarded funding to assist with the recruitment process for our MA program. The money is to be used for prizes for a video contest. The best people to tell prospective students about our program are you, our current students!  We invite you to make short videos that we can use for information and recruitment purposes on our website. Learn more about the contest.

  • The latest newsletter for the Department of English and Comparative Literature is here!  Featured in this semester’s newsletter: news about upcoming events, information about our new digital literacy course, the scoop on new Shakespeare & Co. Drama Lab, kudos to Poetry International’s Community Outreach Programs (PICO), for winning a Zahn Center award, and more more. Read the Spring 2014 newsletter.

  • A new partnership between the San Diego State University Department of English and Comparative Literature and the Cygnet Theatre began last semester. The partnership exposes students in the English and comparative literature program to alternative career opportunities available in the theatre realm and allows them to acquire teaching experience through paid internships. Learn more about this partnership.

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