Professor Diana W. Verzi

Department of Mathematics
San Diego State University

San Diego State-Imperial Valley Campus

Faculty East #110-720 Heber Avenue
Calexico, CA 92231

Office hours Spring 2013






Research Area:  Mathematical Physiology


Crawling of animal cells across surfaces


A simple 1D model of crawling nematode sperm cell.   Journal of Statistical Physics  March 2003


The geometry and motion of nematode sperm cells. 

                                       J. Cell Motility and Cytoskeleton, accepted March 2009


Current research is aimed at dissecting the complex processes of how cells move across surfaces into simpler phenomena that can be more easily analyzed.  Phenomenological models, based on conservation laws, have been formulated and solved numerically and analytically. 


Interdependent changes in neuroanatomy and activity associated with learning and memory.


Activity-dependent synapse restructuring.  Bulletin of Mathematical Biology June 2004.


Calcium mediated spine stem restructuring.  J. Math and Computer Modeling 2005.


Activity-dependent dendritic spine branching.   Accepted Jan 2009, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology.


Current research is aimed at dissecting the relationship between electrical/chemical activity and structure in hippocampal dendritic arbors.  Experimenters draw diagrammatic models to try to explain the dynamics of slow structural change and rapid changes in activity.    We formulate mathematical descriptions for these models.