current and recent projects

current students

Laboratory of David Lipson

Department of Biology

San Diego State University

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Specialty courses

Microbial Ecology (Biol 528)

Soil Biology (Biol 596)

Plant Ecophysiology (Biol 596)

Collaborative Educational Science-Art-Music Projects

David's Favorite Major Questions in Soil Microbial Ecology

What factors determine the composition of soil microbial communities?

How does microbial community structure affect biogeochemical processes and the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems?

How does climate change impact the structure and function of soil microbial communities, and how do these microbial responses feed back to ecosystem and global processes?


curriculum vitae


Contact info

(619) 594-4460

Office: PS241C

Department of Biology

San Diego State University

San Diego, CA 92182-4614


Graduate Programs

currently accepting students:

Joint Doctoral program in Ecology with UC Davis

Joint Doctoral Program in Biology with UC San Diego

Ecology M.S. program

Microbiology M.S. program

Major research themes

microbial ecology

global change

biogeochemical cycles

properties of soils and soil organic matter

plant-microbe interactions

life in cold/extreme environments

disturbance/fire/invasive species



Lipson Lab Bog Blog researcher experiences in Barrow, AK)

Global Change Research Group

SDSU Field Stations Program

Soil Ecology Research Group


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