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Welcome to the Web site of the Chinese Studies Institute at San Diego State University.

Our Mission

The Chinese Studies Institute at San Diego State University exists to foster the understanding of  greater China and the Chinese diaspora in all its manifestations—cultural, linguistic, political, economic, scientific, and interpersonal.  

For faculty it serves as a focal point for funding, information sharing, and the coordination of research. 

For students it seeks to provide scholarship support and funding, to facilitate exchange and research programs, and to create opportunities for internships in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Chinese-speaking areas. 

For the community it sponsors and co-sponsors a wide range of lectures, presentations, and cultural events. 

As a goodwill ambassador, it coordinates visits of scholars, dignitaries, artists, and other visitors to San Diego State University.

(Draft arrived at during CSI Meeting, February 2, 2001)

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The MTC Scholarship Program (2009)

Download detail information HERE:

Application Guideline (2009 English)

Application Form (2009 English)

The goal of the MTC Scholarship Program is to encourage promising students from foreign countries to continue their Chinese studies in Taiwan and increase the flow of international culture.

The Mandarin Training Center (MTC), established in 1956, is affiliated with National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) and is Taiwan’s oldest and best-known Chinese language institute. In cooperation with the Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign/Second Language, the Graduate Institute of International Sinology Studies, the Department of Applied Chinese Languages and Literature, and the Department of Chinese Language and Culture for International Students at NTNU, the MTC is recognized as one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions. Each overseas university student granted the MTC Scholarship will be awarded a full tuition fee waiver.


u  Benefits

Tuition at the MTC is waived. Each year has four terms (Mar. 1-May 31 / Jun. 1-Aug. 31 / Sep. 1-Nov. 30/ Dec. 1-Feb. 28) and a summer session (July 1-Aug. 31). The duration of the scholarship is for one term to a maximum of four consecutive terms.

After the initial term, continued receipt of scholarships will be determined by attendance and grades during the previous term.


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CSI and ALL (American Life Learning) Joint Language Research Project:

l. Child Language Development (vocabulary building, dictionary, cards, children's literature)
2. Language  Proficiency Assessment (junior , general and conversation testing of English language proficiency)
3. Language Teaching (teacher training, EDO, curriculum, seminars)

Faculty advisors:
Dr. Yang Tai Hsiung, National Sun Yat -Sen University
Dr. Chang Wu Tsun, National Taiwan Normal University
Dr. Wen Long Hsiung, National Kaohsiung Normal University
Dr. Marie De Monfort, Trinity College
Dr. Katharine Butler, Syracuse University
Dr. Kathee Christensen, San Diego State University
Dr. Ben Christensen, San Diego State University


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Minister of Education (Taiwan) meets with Dean Paul Wong and Dr. Lilly Cheng

  Dean Paul Wong meets with Minister of Education

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New Link to Dr. Wesley Shu's Photo Gallery of China. (

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NEW!  SDSU China Educational and Cultural Tour 2005!

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NEW!  The Taiwan Scholarship Program is sponsored by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan (Republic of China) through the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles. The purpose of this program is intended to enhance academic exchange between universities in USA and Taiwan. (Click here for details)

Congratulation to Ms. Louis !!!

on being awarded the Taiwan Scholarship sponsored by

the Ministry of Education (MOE) of Taiwan, Republic of China

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Contact Information

Director: Dr. Li-Rong Lilly Cheng

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The Chinese Study Institute Meeting, September 16, 2002.


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