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(1/28/15)  The download page has just been updated for this semester.  Don't forget that your first quiz will be Mon/Tues next week in recitation.  It will cover material talked about in lecture this week.  You can look at the old quiz 1's on the download page to get an idea of the type of questions, however, keep in mind that Quiz 1 usually comes in the third week instead of the second, so it usually covers more topics.  Your quiz 1 will just cover Lewis structures, VSEPR and the shorthand notation for organic compounds.

(1/24/15)  Welcome to the CHEM 201 website!

The first thing you want to do is start studying for the ion test:  Ion Test Info
The ion test will be given in your lab section on Wed/Thurs THIS week (8/26 or 8/27).   If you pass it the first time you will receive 5 extra credit points, which means you'll be starting the semester with an A+++.   So get out those flash cards and go to work!

Go to the discussion section of the lab you want to get into on Mon/Tues this week and sign up on the crasher list.

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