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Ghana flag University of Ghana


Location: Accra
Population: 1.9 million

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  • ISEP: About $5,200 (housing and meals) plus the cost of your tuition at SDSU
  • ISEP Direct: $7600 for tuition, room, and meals
  • CSU-IP: Approximately $2700 USD total for one year
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  • Academic Calendar:
    Semester 1: mid August to late December
    Semester 2: mid-January to late May
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The University was founded in 1948 as the University College of the Gold Coast and operated as an affiliate college of the University of London, which supervised its academic programs and awarded degrees. The institution was awarded full university status in 1961. The University of Ghana is the largest of the four universities in Ghana and currently enrolls nearly 7,000 students. Originally, the curricular emphasis was on liberal arts, social science, basic science, agriculture and medicine; however, there is currently a national educational reform program to diversify the curriculum and provide more science and technology and post-graduate training.


The campus is located approximately 13 kilometers northeast of Accra, the capital of Ghana. University Avenue extends from the main gate to Legon Hill, where Commonwealth Hall, convocation buildings, an open-air theatre, the Great Hall and a tower donated by the Government of Ghana to commemorate Ghana 's independence may be found.

Student Activities

There are ample opportunities to participate in team sports such as basketball, swimming, volleyball and soccer. Participation on these teams often includes travel to other West African countries or other cities in Ghana for competition. There are also many opportunities for volunteer work in the many NGO's, orphanages, schools, hospitals, etc. in Ghana.


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