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Tim Schulz van Endert



Tim Schulz van Endert was first introduced to tennis at the age of four when he retrieved the balls of his older, tennis-playing sisters. After he took his first tennis lesson at the age of six, he took up the game himself and is currently playing both singles and doubles for SDSU men’s tennis team.

Schulz van Endert, who was born in Berlin, Germany, came to SDSU in 2007. “In Germany, there are no sports teams at universities, whereas in the U.S., college sports is a very big deal,” said Schulz van Endert. “A fellow tennis player from Berlin – who used to play for the Aztecs until 2006 – connected me with Coach Carswell and soon I was offered a scholarship to play for SDSU.”

A senior majoring in management, Schulz van Endert was also glad he was given the opportunity to be a student in SDSU’s College of Business Administration. He said: “I knew that SDSU’s business school had a high reputation and, looking back, choosing management as my emphasis has paid off in so many ways.”

Upon graduation in May 2011, Schulz van Endert will continue to live in San Diego where he plans to find a career that “will challenge me and allow me to grow into a leadership position down the road.”





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