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Ronni Gautschi



SDSU senior, Ronni Gautschi, became a water polo player to avoid questions like “When are you going to try out for the Olympic Team?” and “Why aren’t you in the Olympics yet?”.

Gautschi is the daughter of two-time Olympic swimming medalist, Lynn Vidali Gautschi and while Ronni Gautschi was a nationally-ranked swimmer, she realized that she wanted to pursue a path that was different from that of her famous mother. “I wanted to be part of a team sport so that I could celebrate a win or mourn a loss in a team environment,” said Gautschi. “I played water polo one summer and being a fast swimmer made me pretty good because I could get to the goal before most of the other players. I was a terrible shooter, but that came with time.”

Gautschi was introduced to SDSU water polo coach, Carin Crawford, through her high school coach. She made a visit to SDSU’s campus and knew she wanted to come here. “It’s far away from home, but not too far,” said the Morgan Hill, California native.

While Gautschi will earn her bachelor’s degree in management in May 2011, she has a very different career in mind. “My studies in management taught me a lot about being an effective leader, but, eventually, I’d like to be a nurse,” said Gautschi. “After graduation, I plan to try out for the U.S. National Team, play professional water polo for a year and then apply for nursing school.”





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