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Aaron Brewer



If you’re a football fan, you are most likely familiar with the term “long snapper.”

If you’re not, the long snapper is the player who hikes the ball to the punter. It’s no small task – he must accurately hike the ball 20 to 30 feet, laces up, while preparing to block 300-pound opposing players from disrupting the punt.

Long snapping duties for the Aztecs fall on Fullerton, California native, Aaron Brewer. He didn’t choose to be a long snapper, but he earned the position in high school purely by chance when his high school coaches conducted a surprise tryout.  “They had everyone on the team line up and, one-by-one, had us snap the ball,” he said. “I guess I did the best and you can kind of say that long snapping chose me.”

While Brewer had a number of schools offering him the opportunity to play football, he accepted a scholarship from San Diego State on the advice of his brothers who were attending Penn State and the University of Puget Sound. “I had the chance to play football at other schools, but it came down to the distance from home and the weather,” said Brewer. “After talking to my brothers I decided there was no way I was going to a place that was rainy or snowy.” 

After landing at SDSU, Brewer did something exceedingly rare in the world of college football when he played all 12 games in the 2008 season as a true freshman and he has played in every SDSU football game since then.

Of course, Brewer is not just an athlete for SDSU, but he is also a student – a good one. He was recognized as an All-Academic Mountain West Conference student-athlete three times and has been honored as an SDSU Scholar-Athlete by the university.

If he doesn’t pursue a career in football, Brewer’s outstanding academic record may come in handy for him when he graduates in May with a management degree. “Once I finish school, I’ll see where football takes me and if that doesn’t work out, I will look into a career in business,” he said. “But first, I might take a long trip with my brothers to re-charge my batteries after being in the trenches for four years.”




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