IMPORTANT NOTICE: The contract with NAI for the McAfee products restricts access to programs on this page to SDSU faculty and staff for installation on campus owned computers only.

The links provided below will link to a zip or tar file (depending on the operating system you are downloading for). Be sure to check for any service pack for that version in the same directory - it usually has a P in the file name. Be sure to choose the correct program for your computer and operating system. DAT files for all versions of the product are in the 4X directory. The files you want start with dat- followed by the dat release number. They are available in both .zip and .tar formats. The most current sdat.exe is also available here in the format of sdat followed directly by the dat release number. This is the directory you would point your client to if you wish to pull your automatic update from rohan (remember that you will need to supply the proper username and password to do this).

McAfee Product Manuals - This is a subdirectory containing the McAfee Manuals for all products we have. They are in PDF format.

VirusScan Enterprise -- Windows - Version 8.8 is the most current version of the VirusScan for Windows. Vista SP2 and Windows 7 requires at least version 8.7i as version 8.5 causes major problems and should be updated prior to applying SP 2 on Vista if it is already installed on the Vista machine. Previous versions can be found in directories corresponding to their version. Please note the End of Life (EOL) text file in each directory. Be sure to apply all patches associated with any of these products. All versions should be running the 5300 or greater engine. The old 4.5.1 product cannot read DAT files after May 2007. If you have a system that can only run this version of the product, you should use the commandline utilities instead (see intro paragraph).

Macintosh OS X- McAfee Security Suite is the most current version and is the version required to run on SnowLeopard or greater. Version 9.1 and newer run only on Intel machines. Version 9.0 (Patch 1 should be applied) is a universal binary (works on both Intel and PPC Macintoshes). Testing as of this point indicates that the Security Suite runs better than version 8.6.1 on older systems and does not have the kernel panic or dataupdate issues that 8.6.1 had. It runs best on Leopard or newer. To install, download and unzip the file, then mount the dmg file to run the installer, then download and install any patches.

Macintosh OS X Tiger - Version 8.6.1 is the best version for Tiger. However we have found that PPC systems running Tiger may have issues with spawning multiple threads to the point of using all available memory with those threads. This is not consistent, nor have we found any one thing that causes it.

Macintosh OS X Panther - We have found that all hardware that started with some version of OS X can be successfully updated to the most stable Panther version (10.3.9). Version 7.7 is the recommended version for these systems. Older hardware (processor speed less than 1GHz) running Tiger are recommended to run this version to avoid system slowdown. UPDATE: unfortunately we have found that McAfee is not updating this version and it no longer will get dat files automatically. If you need to run this version you will need to manually apply the dat files.

EPO - for Windows. Version 5.1 is the most current version. Be sure to apply all patches. Older versions are available but you should try to update to a newer version as soon as possible. If you must run an older version, be sure to check the End of Life (EOL) text file for support EOL and make sure you apply all patches.

Novell Netware - This program is for Novell Netware servers, all versions and is End of Life (EOL) so verify that you can get the DAT updates. DAT files are available below if you need to apply them manually. The following patch levels are required

NW 6.5 - none
NW 6 - none
NW 5.1 - sp3 or greater
NW 5.0 - sp6a or greater
NW 4.11/4.2 - sp9 or greater

Linux - This program is for all versions of linux 2.x kernel. It is not for HP-UX, AIX or FreeBSD. The link to FreeBSD is below, If you need any of the others, please send an email to Diana Osborn including the version you need, your name, department and contact information. The program with 64 in the name is for the 64bit version of linux if you are running it, otherwise use the one with p4 in the name.

Solaris - There are two versions in this directory. One is for all versions of Solaris running on a Sparc 2.5.1 or later, the other for Solaris running on x86 machines.

FreeBSD - This program is for FreeBSD version 3.2 and higher on Intel based systems.

Commandline (older DOS and command interface, ie. no gui, for 9x) - This program is designed for Windows 98, 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, or Windows 7. It has not been tested on older versions of Windows or DOS.

Windows SDAT update file - created Tuesday, 23-Jul-2013 15:20:00 PDT - This is the file you want if you already have earlier (4.x) versions of McAfee installed on your Windows PC and need to update to the most current version. This file can also be used to bring a new installation up to the most current dat files before connecting the machine to the network.

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