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  • camelot project. The University of Rochester's collection of Arthurian texts and databases.
  • guide to medieval history. Extensive links to historical documents from all over the world.
  • harvard chaucer page. The most complete resource on Chaucer on the web.
  • labyrinth. An extensive guide to the texts of pagan and Christian antiquity, the early and late Middle Ages. Also includes an extensive selection of manuscript images, subject bibliographies, on-line journals and original articles.
  • luminarium. A gorgeous site containing primary texts, biographical information, and secondary literature on the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Seventeenth Century.
  • middle english dictionary. A stupendous compendium of Middle English, with all known uses and variants.
  • middle english texts. Contains all the standard Middle English texts (works of Chaucer, Gower, Langland, etc.), plus some historical documents. You can SEARCH this entire site by key-word or phrase.
  • OMACLE. Berkeley's on-line site for international medieval and classical texts.
  • robin hood project. A collection of Robin Hood materials, both historical and literary.
  • TEAMS middle english texts. An excellent collection of lesser known medieval works, including the Assembly of Ladies, the Floure and the Leafe, the Canterbury Tales Continuations, and the like.
  • voice of the shuttle: old english and medieval texts. A fine list of web resources, as well as on-line texts, criticism, and manuscript images.
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