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Queen gone Welcome to my Home Page. I am professor emeritus in the Department of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences at San Diego State University. The purpose of the Page is to retain a presence on the Web in my post-teaching years, collecting together some materials and sources for friends to share. Click on whichever hyperlinked item interests you.

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GB Flag English Sources    

Want to find out about "things English"?. Here is a selection of sources we Brits like to gloat over:

RBALL Goddies Photo.
RBALL Elaine's and Dave's Restaurant. One of England's finest restaurants ...
RBALL British Library Information about the British Library.
RBALL Highgate Cemetery Visit a famous British resting place.
RBALL The Beeb. Access BBC News website.
RBALL Electronic Telegraph. Read today's Daily Telegraph.
RBALL UK National Archives Visit the Public Record Office (for genealogists)
RBALL British Soccer Get English Soccer League Results/ Table / Gossip
RBALL Cricket scores and info Get all the latest on cricket


Genealogical Maps of Manchester Area

You will find the 10 genealogical maps I have made of the present Greater Manchester area (which was the "Salford Hundred") to be on the page devoted to this by Roger and Elaine Hart. It's a great site ... visit it !


EGS Materials

Explanation of the EGS Photos

58 Photos Left MidLeft MidRight Right PDF Spr'Sheet Excel Spr'Sheet
61 Photos Left MidLeft MidRight Right PDF Spr'Sheet Excel Spr'Sheet
64 Photos Left MidLeft MidRight Right PDF Spr'Sheet Excel Spr'Sheet


Interesting Resources

Choose any of the following to pursue your curiosity: Make Anagrams ; US Cities; San Diego Guide; Harry's Travel Links; Leonardo Da Vinci Jussi Bjorling ; Bertrand Russell ; Beethoven ; History of Mathematics ; Italy-Tourism ; Classical History ; Cooking ; ESPN Tennis News; Tennis Server magazine ; and the popular general gateway to other Web resources, the Yahoo List.


Great Reference Resources

Visit the SDSU Library; get information about the Rohan computer; view a very informative computer magazine Internet News ; or get all kinds of computer

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