Review by Corvette Fever

1969 Stingray Guidebook by Rick Bizzoco

Inside track, Corvette Fever Magazine, JULY 1995

1969 Stingray Guidebook

We look at a lot of reference books, and for the most part, many are compilations of information previously published in a variety of sources, tied up into a neat package and sandwiched between two covers. That's not the case with the 1969 Stingray Guidebook. Author Rick Bizzoco had done a remarkable job of research, examining a number of 1969 Corvettes and documenting authenticity for components right down to some of the codes that have never been deciphered. Bizzoco has also tracked down photographs of some of the rarest and most exotic engines and engineering cars built. We found his section on the ZL-1 especially entertaining and enlightening. Bizzoco confirms that only one ZL-1 (currently owned by Roger Judski) has ever been fully documented, although he also notes two were actually built. The 215-page book is without doubt one of the finest reference books we've seen on any car, regardless of make. Not only are there extensive photographs to document information, but Bizzoco also provides a bibliography for future reading in each chapter. This is one author who has definitely done his homework. We understand Bizzoco is currently working on a 1968 Guidebook. If his future works are s good as 1969 Stingray Guidebook, we hope he plans on writing an entire series on the early Mako cars.

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