Biology 326 COURSE OUTLINE Sch.No. 20436
Fall 2011

Date  Lecture Topic  Text reading (some of this is required)

1.  Historical Aspects of Medicinal Plants

Aug     29 Plants: Visible world    Chap. 1 (Medical Botany Chapter 1 required)
Aug      31 Plants: Invisible world
Sept        2 History of medicinal plants  Herb Book 3-6; 10-17  Author, John Lust on internet, Blackboard
                                                          (Required Reading)

Sept       5 Holiday-Labor day  Campus closed
Sept       7 History of medicinal plants
Sept       9 Physical Properties: color and odor

Sept     12 Growth and preparation of herbs with in-class demonstration Last day to drop classes (11:59 pm deadline)
Sept     14 Alternative Medicine: Plants vs. Drugs Last day to add classes or change grading basis (11:59 pm deadline)
Sept     16 Alternative Medicine: Patent medicine vs. Generic drugs & Drug Laws

2. Toxic and Poisonous Plants

Sept    19 Poisonous Properties                                                                              Chap. 2:11-20 (Medical Botany)
Sept    21 Poisonous Properties                                                                               (omit tables and figure in Medical Botany)
Sept    23 The nervous system:  The action of drugs Chap. 6:150-164, Figs. 6-3, 6-5, 6-6 (Medical Botany)(Exam 1 review)

Sept    26 Allergy  Chap. 3:64-68, 73-74, 76-78 (Medical Botany)
Sept    28 Allergy drugs and treatments  Chap. 3: 81-82; 86 (Medical Botany)
Sept    30 Exam 1 (Friday)

3. Indian Uses of Medicinal Plants

Oct       3 Plants of Mexico: Aztec Medicinal Plants
Oct       5 Plants of Mexico: Aztec Medicinal Plants
Oct       7 Medicinal Plants and Tropical rain forests Read Mark Plotkin Book: Tales of a Shaman's apprentice and see Library Video

Oct     10 Medicinal Plants and Tropical rain forests; Shaman's Apprentice Book (Required Reading)
            (On Exam 2, 30 point essay)

4. Herbal Medicines

Oct      12 Skin   Chap. 14:336-338,340,343,347 (Medical Botany)
Oct      14 Skin    p. 347 (bottom of page), 353 (top of page on warts; recall Gardasil® new immunization against Papilloma virus)
                                                                                                           cut off age ~26 years old for women...

Oct      17 Oral Hygiene (teeth)  Chap. 10:226-227
Oct      19 Oral Hygiene (teeth)  Chap. 10: 242-244 and 246. This is slightly different from the published hard copy syllabus.
Oct      21 Respiratory system (Exam 2 review)  Chap. 7 (all)

Oct      24 Circulatory system
Oct      26 Aphrodisiacs Chap. 13:324-327, 331-33 Aphrodisiacs will be on the Final Exam, not Exam 2
Oct      28 Plants of Witchcraft  Chap. 18:406, 416-417, 419-424

Oct      31 Birth Control  Chap. 13:316-321
Nov       2 Birth Control  Chap. 13:316-321
Nov       4 Exam 2

Nov       7 Vitamins   Chap. 8:203-210
Nov       9 Vitamins
Nov     11 Holiday, Veterans Day, Campus closed

5. Psychoactive Plants

Nov    14 Longevity
Nov    16 Longevity
Nov    18 Psychoactive Plants:  Depressants Chap. 19:437-442

Nov    21 Psychoactive Plants:  Stimulants Chap. 17 (all)
Nov    23Psychoactive Plants:  Stimulants
Nov    25 Thanksgiving Recess Campus closed

Nov    28 Psychoactive Plants:  Hallucinogens Chap. 18:406,416-417,
Nov    30 Psychoactive Plants:  Hallucinogens Chap. 18:406,419-424
Dec      2 Psychoactive Plants:  Hallucinogens Chap. 18:406,419-424

Dec      5 Anesthetics: Xylocaine, Cocaine, etc. Chap. 17:380-381
Dec      7 Headaches and headache drugs
Dec      9 Last day of class (Final Exam Review)

December 12 (Monday)  FINAL EXAM in Communications 207  (Com 207) Classroom  1030-1230   (ten thirty o'clock start time)

The final exam begins at 1030 (ten thirty o'clock) On Monday Dec 12, 2011. This means  the final exam begins at 1030, (ten thirty o'clock)

Explanation of reading:  All library articles are listed under Biology 326 on Blackboard which is an electronic resource (
The library reserve under the dome entrance to the library is locatd and part of the checkout desk..  The library reading is helpful, but only Chapter 1 of the Medical Botany and the Herb Book pages 3-6 and 10-17 (On Blackboard are required reading. The other optional pages to be read appear on the class web site. above.

The library electronic reserve with exams or articles can be accessed through the web site for this class. You may need an Adobe PDF reader (

Prior exams web site:

All textbook readings listed in Lewis and Lewis Medical Botany are suggested reading. All EXCEPT Chapter 1 in Medical Botany and the Herb Book 3-6 & 10-17. Both of these are required reading and appear on Exam 1

Again, all text book assignments in Lewis and Lewis Medical Botany are optional reading with these exceptions, Chapter 1 is required and Lust the Herb Book pages 3-6 and 10-17 are also required reading. For exam 2, Tales of a shaman's apprentice by Mark Plotkin. There is a video in the library media reserve room with the same name. Material in these first two readings can and does appear on exam 1.  For the other suggested optional readings look at the specific page assignments on the web site that are listed lecture by lecture.

The final exam begins at 1030 (ten thirty o'clock).

Final exam web site: