Computer Algorithms, 3rd edition
Sara Baase and Allen Van Gelder
Materials for Instructors


Last update: Nov. 5, 2002

Please note: Allen Van Gelder's site for this book might be more up-to-date.

Contents of this page: About the book
Solutions Manual
Slides for lectures
Java code from the appendix

About the book: Contents and other information

Postscript file (Updated June 30, 2002) PDF file (Updated June 30, 2002)

Solutions Manual

A Solutions Manual is available online from Addison Wesley to instructors. Please contact your Addison Wesley sales representative for a password. If you do not know your local sales rep, you can use AW's rep locator to find him or her. The authors do not have copies of the Manual to distribute.

Slides for lectures

Professor Ben Choi of Louisiana Tech University created an extensive set of Power Point slides to accompany the text. He offered to make them available to other instructors.

Java code from the Appendix

This tar file (AppendixCode.tar) contains the Java code that appears in the appendix of the textbook. The tar file contains twelve Java files, plus a README file. After you retrieve the tar file, you can extract the contents using the following command (which will place the extracted files into a new directory called AppendixCode):

tar -xf AppendixCode.tar

In case you have any problem getting this file, the Java code in the Appendix is also available by anonymous ftp at in the directory cseng/authors/baase.

"Library" Assignments
I often give one assignment where students are to find an article about some problem or algorithm not covered in the textbook. I plan to add a sample assignment here.

Clarifications for Some Exercises in the Text

Students often send me e-mail asking questions about exercises they are working on for homework. When I get similar questions from several students or when the questions seek general clarifications, I post my answers for the class. You may wish to make these available to your students. Exercise 1.7 Exercise 4.8 Exercise 4.18

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