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Aerospace Engineering Design

Global Hawk low observable, long duration aircraft

Aero Homework


HW1a Solutions


Rocket test Videos:

Closeup 3.4 meg mpg (Doug Gaylord)

From the blockhouse 1.3 meg mpg (Eric Besnard)

Link to SDSU Rocket project

The above shows a large amatuer rocket powered by liquid oxygen and jet fuel.

Instructors: Steve Harrington Dr Aaron Drake


Syllabus for MAE 155A

Homework 1B problems with hints!

Homework 1b Solution description (Joe Carroll)

Homework 1b calcuations (Vladimir Guzaev)

HW1 1b solutions

Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft history

Joe Carroll's Orbital Mechanics and Tether Guidebook

Orbital Mechanics Lecture:Newton Gravity Swings and Sails

Win $50,000 by tagging an asteroid

Spacecraft design sample problem

Launch Vehicle Design link

Homework 2B with hints

Other stuff:

Mars Sample Return 1

Mars Sample Return 2

NLV page

NLV Paper

Pistonless pump paper #1 Pump Design

Pistonless pump paper #2 Trade Study

Pistonless pump paper #3 CEV

Mathcad equations (Shift click to download)

Isentropic flow relations and more rocket equations

Rocket Theoretical performance

Rocket failure


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of Propulsion",

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More Rocket links:

Thermodynamic properties from NASA

Mark Wade's Encyclopedia Astronautica

Basics of Space Flight

California Space Authority

Space Shuttle News Reference Manual

Stennis Rocket Test Photographs

Big Dumb Boosters

XRV - Rocket Chronicles - Rocket Links

NASA rocket eductional info

JAXA Homepage(NASA in Japan)

Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company

Space Database (info on all kinds of Rockets

Richard Nakka's Experimental Rocketry Web Site

Amateur Rocket List

Hobby Space

The Rocket Company chapter 1

New rocket Companies:


Garvey Spacecraft Corporation

XCOR Aerospace: Commercial Liquid Rocket Engines and Vehicles

Pyramid Space


Blue Origin

Masten Space

Space Tourism:

X PRIZE Foundation // New Race to Space

Scaled Composites/SpaceShipOne


Virgin Galactic

TGV rockets

Class Web pages

Rocket Performance UMD lecture notes

Propulsion Home Page MIT (with lecture notes)

Rockets, Spring 2000 (with lecture notes)

Georgia Tech

University of Maryland

Space news

Space News Florida Today
Space Frontier Foundation Home Page space news, games, entertainment and science fiction
SpaceDaily.Com - Your Portal To Space
Universe Today - Home Page: Space Exploration News from Around the Internet
Wacky ideas
THE ROCKETMAN rocket belt
Brian Walker, Rocket Guy
Rocket Powered Bike
Peroxide Rockets

Space Shuttle at max q (maximum aerodynamic loading)