Latin American Women Artists

A Bibliographic Archive

Compiled by

Cecilia Puerto

This archive represents an ongoing effort to collect the bibliographic record of the international literature on women artists in and from Latin America. Listing 853 artists and 126 artists' personal websites, it is a supplement and update of Latin American Women Artists, Kahlo and Look Who Else: A Selective, Annotated Bibliography (Greenwood Press, 1996).

The books, exhibition catalogues, critical reviews, master's and doctoral theses, and videorecordings included here, although by no means exhaustive, document women's numerous contributions to the fields of painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, mixed media, ceramics, installation, performance art, and tapestry during the 20th century to the present. It is my hope that this document will continue to shine a light on the achievements of Latin American women artists and assist in achieving a more complete picture of the history of the visual arts.






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