course texts and translations

chaucer (Engl 530)

parliament of fowls
book of the duchess
house of fame
troilus and criseyde book I
troilus and criseyde book II
troilus and criseyde book III
troilus and criseyde book IV
troilus and criseyde book V
canterbury tales

early drama (engl 541A)

douay-rheims genesis
douay-rheims isaias 14 (fall of the rebel angels)
douay-rheims matthew
douay-rheims john

early british literature (Engl 560A)

milton: comus
congreve: way of the world

 folk literature (cl 460)

the fall of the rebel angels
ovid: orpheus
hoffman: the sandman
freud: the uncanny

arthurian literature (cl 571)

nennius: historia brittonum


other medieval texts

4th lateran council
capellanus: the rules of love
alain de lille: complaint of nature
richard de bury: philobiblon
dunbar: treatise of two married women
la male regle

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the secret: dialogue I
a self-portrait
on his own ignorance